Ace Wilder – Riot


I think we can all agree that Busy Doin’ Nothin’ has been one of the songs of the year. It should easily have won Melodifestivalen, stormed to almost victory at Eurovision (no one would surely have deprived Conchita of the win) and then become a mammoth pop hit all over Europe. But it wasn’t to be, and, eight months on, we, and Ace, have to move on. And what a way to move on. “I am the force of an earthquake child… I am a full blown destruction queen” couldn’t be more apt opening lyrics as the claps and drums give way to blistering horns and Ace inciting a riot. It reminds us a bit of Little Mix’s fantastic Salute and will surely be a second monster hit for Ace in Sweden. Hopefully this one will cross the border, too, and provide her with the international breakthrough that she deserves. It’s supposedly being given a UK release today, although there’s no sign of it on iTunes yet… We cannot wait for the video for this. UPDATED: The video is now here!

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