Karin Park – Look What You’ve Done

Back in 2012, Karin Park released Highwire Poetry, which was basically one of the best and most criminally ignored albums of the year. So it has been with a lot of expectation that we’ve been waiting for new material. We had the good, if not spectacular, Shine back in March, and now here’s Look What You’ve Done. It’s her new single, that is if we ignore the fact it was released in Norway several months ago – when Karin performed it magnificently on the Norwegian Eurovision selection show Melodi Grand Prix (keep watching to see Karin’s protegée Margaret Berger’s excellent Scream, and also a duet of their Eurovision entry I Feed You My Love) – and is the first proper taste of forthcoming album Apocalypse Pop, coming March 2, 2015. So what does it sound like? Enormous drums, a propulsive beat and Karin’s extremely distinctive voice singing about a destructive relationship: “You’ve fucked with my mind… You’re sucking me dry… I should have run, run, run.” We’ve been listening to it for months but it’s still fantastic, and it’s great to see it getting a wider release. Roll on March for the album – when you’ll also be able to catch Karin at Oslo’s by:Larm festival.

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