Vanbot – Perfect Storm


We were wondering where Vanbot had got to. She released the exquisite When My Heart Breaks back in 2013 and then nothing. But wonder no longer, as this singer of very good electronic pop songs is back, albeit in a more moody, darker guise. She explains all on her Facebook page:

The plan was to release a new album last fall. It was almost finalized when I got cold feet. Something was missing and I didn’t want to let myself or you down. I took ten steps back and started all over again, started from scratch. After rebooting I was challenged to do it so much better. It was the perfect storm.
So, here’s a teaser for the upcoming NEW music for 2015!
It’s like a visual imprint of the not yet released songs. Imagine playing all the songs at once, then lower the bpm and add a fat reverb plus some repetitive vocals, that’s my teaser for you.

So here’s the “teaser”, Perfect Storm. As we said, it’s less poppy than her previous stuff but we’re never really going to have a problem with an artist taking a slightly darker direction so we’re excited to see what 2015 brings.

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