Emilie Nicolas – Fail


We’ve written abut this song already as part of our review of 2014, but now it seems to be getting promoted as a buzz release-slash-single and frankly we don’t need any excuse to write about it again. We’ve been listening to the album Like I’m a Warrior solidly since its release and Fail has always stood out as a highlight. Previous singles Grown Up and Nobody Knows showed Emilie’s soft, fragile side, but here she’s brutal and most definitely not putting up with your crap. Her soft voice takes on a harsher tone over the accompanying grinding beats, most notably on the standout line, “Don’t call me lazy, I go down on him daily”. Tickets are sold out but we would recommend you do whatever you can to catch her live in London at St Pancras Old Church on 28th January.

One comment

  1. Aaron · January 15, 2015

    Nice song! 🙂


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