P3 Guldgalan – The highlights

P3 Guld

On Saturday night it was the awards show for what is apparently Sweden’s hippest radio station – P3. We settled down to watch it, not knowing too much what to expect, but pretty certain that it would be far more interesting than the UK’s Brit Awards. Of course, it was all in Swedish, but pretty much from the word go it was clear that there were far more risks here than you’d ever see with James Corden and co. The outfits, the winners (mostly women) and the performances all had an exciting edge. And as was clear to us and also the viewers on Twitter, 2015 looks set to be dominated by women in Sweden (just like 2014 then, really). So here were our favourite performances on the night.

Linnea Olsson – What (with something that wasn’t as good tagged onto the end)

Little Jinder – Vita Bergens Klockor

Marlene and Silvana Imam – För Evigt

And if you want to watch the whole thing (and are allowed to in your territory…), then head over to SVT Play.

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