Saturday, Monday – Late feat. Newtimers & Ji Nilsson


One of the amazing things about the Swedish music scene is the endless creative collaborations that go on. All the artists are constantly working with each other and inspiring each other and basically just making great music together. The latest in a long line of awesome collaborations is this between Saturday, Monday (aka Ludvig Parment and one half of Breakup), Newtimers and one of our favourites, Ji Nilsson. It’s the title track from his EP out March 23 and is a perfect late-night groover, with a sluggish piano and vaguely militaristic drums, with Ji Nilsson adding her own recognisable touch of heartbreak to the proceedings. Ludvig described the EP in a bit more detail on The Line of Best Fit:

“Nao, John Wizards, TĀLĀ, Darkside, Joe, Wilfred Giroux and Joy Orbison are a few people that I listened to quite a bit… ‘Late’ is my attempt to make an emotional dancehall track, while ‘Don’t Say It’ is about trying to keep a positive attitude in a hostile environment. With ‘Marble Coast’, an early version of the beat started out as the outro of the Children of the Snow tape as a part of a remix for Duvchi’s ‘Turtleduvs’ and I thought it deserved an extension.”

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