Anna Bergendahl – Business


Making a comeback in the same week as another Swedish Eurovision representative Loreen, who won it, when you’re notably the only ever Swedish entrant not to make it to the final is a bold move. But one listen to the song and it’s clear that this whole comeback is bold. There’s none of the wispy acoustic guitar stuff that Anna showed us in 2010 in Oslo (although we rather liked it). This is a powerful, electronic feminist anthem that gets us slightly giddy with inspiration. The lyrics pull no punches: “Can we talk about it? The fact that I’m a pain when I question the norm. The fact that your paycheque is always bigger than mine. The fact that I’m a slut when I’m taking you home and a prude when I don’t. How you hate it when I’m taking care of business.” It’s matched with urgent beats and flurries which only get more urgent as each new layer comes in. This is a real attention-grabbing, brilliant song that would sit perfectly on Jenny Wilson’s recent highly political Demand the Impossible album, and, we have to say, out of the two Swedish Eurovision comebacks this week, we know which one we vastly prefer.

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