Anna Melina – Allt Är Fortfarande Kvar


Anna Melina impressed us not very long ago with her debut EP Allt Är Kvar (“Everything Remains”) and she’s already back with a follow up (technically the second part – “Everything Still Remains”) which develops on her minimal electronic R&B sound, upping the tempo a little and simultaneously experimenting with stripping it back even further on UU. It may be melancholy but is done with a light touch, cementing her as one of the leading lights of the Swedish R&B scene, alongside the likes of Ji Nilsson. Anna talked to Radar Magazine a little bit about her two EPs and it is worth a read. And you can listen on Spotify below.

Anna Melina – 13 Maj

Anna Melina

Every now and then we think that the Swedish music industry probably doesn’t need another talented female doing minimalist electronic R&B, but then another new one comes along and we’re convinced yet again that this country just keeps pouring out fantastic musicians. And so it is with Anna Melina, who has just released her EP Allt är kvar, with lead single 13 Maj. It’s on a par with the likes of Ji Nilsson and Banks and it’s instantly got under our skin. She’s playing at the Kobolt No. 5 release party in Stockholm this Wednesday, if you’re about. If not, then watch this video five times in a row like we’ve just done.