Ji Nilsson – Ring Mig Julia Spada

It must be pretty exciting to be Ji Nilsson right now. She’s just signed a new record deal with UK based Best Fit Records and is finally releasing the video for Encore on Friday, so I guess she wants to have a chat with one of her besties Julia Spada (currently achieving her own success as part of new act Breakup) to share the news. And here is the result – a Soundcloud only treat that’s better than some acts’ whole careers. It’s a cover of Julia’s song Lägg Dig Ner which they originally wrote together with Mack Beats in 2013 and has Ji’s trademark sound, but with every track she’s just getting more confident. 2015 will be her year.

Breakup – Bubble


She’s part of Stockholm’s coolest gang (Marlene, Little Jinder, Ji Nilsson et al) and now Julia Spada has teamed up with Ludvig Parment to form Breakup, another very fine addition to the burgeoning Swedish pop scene. Bubble lives up to its name, with popping beats, a funky repeating bass line and Julia’s sweet voice cheerfully singing about the start of a relationship. But as with all Scandi pop, there’s a slight edge; the lyrics may suggest that they’re “doing great in a bubble”, but the music makes us think that this bubble may burst. Whichever way you look at it, this isn’t a song that needs too much analysis, but one that should prick anyone’s ears at some hipster Södermalm party.