Kate Boy – Higher

kate boy higher

Good news! Kate Boy have finally released an EP! Bad news! All but one track is old (almost two and a half years old in the case of Northern Lights). Seeing as we were expecting a full album round about now, it makes us a little anxious that something has gone wrong somewhere in camp Kate Boy. Alongside new cut Higher, this EP gathers all their releases to date, with the exception of In Your Eyes. So if you’re new to Kate Boy then this is a brilliant introduction to an exciting act. But if you’ve been around since November 2012 then you can’t help but a feel little exasperated.

Anyway, what of Higher? It’s been a live favourite of the band for a while, and it slots neatly into Kate Boy’s oeuvre of songs that sound a bit like The Knife, but for us it’s not one of their more thrilling tracks, and in fact when we’ve seen them live there have been other new tracks which we’ve preferred to this. It has a nice message about human equality, but it’s not exactly subtle: “We are equal, we are equal, we are equal”. We’re being a bit tough on it and it’s by no means a disaster, but we’re ready for something else from the band now. Make your own minds up below.

Karin Park – Human Beings


By now it’s pretty obvious that we’re big fans of Karin Park, but we also have a large soft spot for Eurovision, so the two coming together is some kind of dream scenario. Of course, this isn’t the first time that’s happened – Karin co-wrote Margaret Berger’s stonkingly-good entry for Norway in 2013 – but now she’s going it alone, and it’s probably the best song to get within a whiff of Eurovision since the last time Karin was involved. Co-written by British hitmaker Guy Chambers, Human Beings features brooding verses that reflect on Karin’s boyfriend’s diagnosis with cancer, giving way to an enormous release of a chorus: “We are human beings looking for a meaning, you know you’re alive as long as you’re breathing.” The deal isn’t set in stone, though. Karin has to compete in Norway’s national final alongside ten other entries in the hope to win the chance to represent Norway on Europe’s most glittering stage. Melodi Grand Prix takes place on March 14, but you can listen to the song now. The other entries are also available to listen to on NRK’s website, although we, er, haven’t yet.

Waveshaper – Stellar Jupiter


If you’re thinking that more songs should sound like Giorgio Moroder doing a videogame soundtrack then you’re in luck, because Stockholm’s Waveshaper clearly agrees with you.  He’s just released his new EP Solar Drifter and lead single Stellar Jupiter is a “funky slice” of 1980s electro disco that recalls not only everybody’s favourite Italian disco maestro, but also his recent collaborators Daft Punk – notably the brilliant Aerodynamic. Like that song, it’s instrumental and works perfectly. The sound doesn’t vary much across the EP’s four tracks but if you’re after some retro nu-wave then you could do far worse. Plus the video is a must-see for ’80s fanatics.