Good Moose Monthly: November 2014


And so we are now in December and everyone is frantically making end-of-year lists (ours will come just as soon as we find five minutes), but let’s not forget some of the stellar Scandi tunes that were released in November. Catch up with our Good Moose Monthly playlist on either YouTube or Soundcloud. As ever, not everything is available on both, or either, but we’ve gathered together as many as we can for you. And just because we love the artwork, we’ve put Little Jinder up the top of the page. None of the new tracks from her new album are on YouTube or Soundcloud, but you can, and should, listen on Spotify.

Frida Sundemo – The Sun


“I’ll follow all the way to the sun,” sings Frida, in a song with such an enormous emotional swell it should probably be soundtracking Interstellar. Not that Frida is a stranger to heartbreaking emotion in song. It’s territory she’s covered before on her Indigo and Lit Up By Neon EPs, as well as, we suspect, on her Japanese only album release, and she’s at her best when she aims for you tear ducts rather than your feet (although we would never say no to a dance to the likes of Drawn To You and Snow). Hopefully this will be a precursor to an album that might see the light of day on European shores.