Rosh – Svart Diamant (feat. Vaz)


It’s not terribly easy to write about rap music in a foreign language but we’re willing to give it a go because this, the lead single off the debut EP by 18-year-old Rosh, is excellent. It features brilliant-in-their-own-right Stockholm sisters Vaz on chanting/chorus duties and Rosh spitting rhymes like she’s going to take over the world, even if we don’t understand any of it (OK, we get the word “syster” on the EP’s most tender track, Syster). But as with fellow Swedish rap superstar Silvana Imam, the language barrier probably detracts from some of the brilliance of the music, but the beats are easily good enough for it not to matter. Listen to the EP on Spotify.

Blänk – Tears Run Dry/Grip It


So we may be a month late to this but good things come to those who wait and all that. Blänk are a Swedish trio blending indie pop and hip-hop, and Tears Run Dry is their first release in three years and the first from their upcoming album Only Built for Northern Lights. Here they collaborate with Noonie Bao (best known to us as a co-writer with Charli XCX and Say Lou Lou) and it’s a thing of minimalist beauty. They’ve followed it up now with Grip It, which is far more towards the hip-hop end of the spectrum but well worth investigating also. Looking at their Soundcloud page, old track Do This Thing is also excellent and shows yet another side to them. We’re suddenly quite intrigued by these guys and are now eagerly awaiting their album on 9 March.

Snoh Aalegra – Bad Things (feat. Common)


We’re not sure who to blame for the fact this has been around for a couple of weeks but we’re only hearing it now, but someone is in trouble. Remember the first time you heard Seinabo Sey and were a little bit blown away and very excited? Well, you’re about to have that feeling all over again with this incredible soul track from Swedish newcomer Snoh Aalegra. This track has it all: sultry lyrics, an actually-good guest rap and a small cluster of electric guitars towards the end that make us shiver. We’ve had a frantic scurry around the internet and there are a few other tracks there, like Burning Bridges and the equally new Fire’s All Around You. There’s also a new version of Bad Things with a rap from Killer Mike which is a free download on Soundcloud. Huzzah! There could – and should – be big things for this lady.

Updated: the EP There Will Be Sunshine is now out – and is really excellent – and there’s now also a suitably moody video for Bad Things.