Anna Melina – Allt Är Fortfarande Kvar


Anna Melina impressed us not very long ago with her debut EP Allt Är Kvar (“Everything Remains”) and she’s already back with a follow up (technically the second part – “Everything Still Remains”) which develops on her minimal electronic R&B sound, upping the tempo a little and simultaneously experimenting with stripping it back even further on UU. It may be melancholy but is done with a light touch, cementing her as one of the leading lights of the Swedish R&B scene, alongside the likes of Ji Nilsson. Anna talked to Radar Magazine a little bit about her two EPs and it is worth a read. And you can listen on Spotify below.

Dante – Champagne Problems (feat. Adiam)

champagne problems

Stockholm-based R&B songwriter and former drummer for The Concretes has unveiled a beautifully cinematic video for single Champagne Problems, a highlight from his album True Emotion. While that album wasn’t always an enormous success, occasionally sailing a little too close to the island of lost souls that is reggae, Champagne Problems, a duet with guest vocalist Adiam, is an autotuned, pumping delight. And if you really love it, there’s also a 22-minute remix by HNNY to get your teeth into.

XOV – Lucifer


After being plucked from near obscurity by Lorde for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay soundtrack, all eyes were briefly on XOV, but he’s now snuck out his debut EP in Sweden. If we’re honest, some of it we love and some of it we’re on the fence about. But the title track is in the former camp, with its anthemic chorus and dirty refrain. If you happen to be in Stockholm, next week you can see him play his first gig on Swedish soil, and for free, at the secretive Carlsberg Green Door Project. Details are scarce but you have to sign up in advance here. In the meantime, make up your mind by streaming the EP below.