Susanne Sundfør – Delirious (Richard X remix)

Well, this is good. Susanne’s new album Ten Love Songs is beginning to look like it could be full of massive pop moments, and in case we weren’t already excited enough, Richard X has been roped in to give Delirious a bit of a boost. Frankly, we’d never listened to it ad thought it needed a donk, but a donk it has been given and now dancing to this in a club is a terrifically exciting prospect. Gird yourself and listen below.

Susanne Sundfør – Delirious

We were wondering if Fade Away would be a one-off but here’s the second track from Susanne’s upcoming album Ten Love Songs and it’s another massive synth-pop number. It opens ominously, building like something out of a science fiction film (the Oblivion influence?) before it breaks and Susanne’s crystal voice arrives alongside some squelching synths and a stirring string orchestra. It’s streaming over on The Fader now, and don’t forget to catch Susanne on her tour in March.

ten love songs