Zhala – Holy Bubbles


How do you follow up a song called Aerobic Lambada? Well, it’s very nearly an impossible task but naming your next song Holy Bubbles is as much as you could ask for. And it’s a really good song. Stretching our minds back we seem to remember maybe having some doubt about Robyn’s taste in the first signing to her Konichiwa Records label but that has been proven to be foolishness on our part as Zhala has got better with every release, and her debut, self-titled album, out May 25, is now a very exciting prospect. Holy Bubbles continues her one-lady exploration in cosmic pop with what we think could be pan pipes in the verses and her biggest chorus to date. We should have known someone Robyn deigns to take under her wing would never let us down.

Anna Melina – Allt Är Fortfarande Kvar


Anna Melina impressed us not very long ago with her debut EP Allt Är Kvar (“Everything Remains”) and she’s already back with a follow up (technically the second part – “Everything Still Remains”) which develops on her minimal electronic R&B sound, upping the tempo a little and simultaneously experimenting with stripping it back even further on UU. It may be melancholy but is done with a light touch, cementing her as one of the leading lights of the Swedish R&B scene, alongside the likes of Ji Nilsson. Anna talked to Radar Magazine a little bit about her two EPs and it is worth a read. And you can listen on Spotify below.

Elias – Revolution


We should have posted about this a month ago but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, OK? Elias is a 19-year-old Swede who in one fell swoop has become someone to get very excited about. His music sits somewhere between the soul of his countryfolk like Seinabo Sey and that of huge British rising star Kwabs. His musical background consists of both punk and a gospel choir, and his inspirations vary from Jeff Buckley to FKA Twigs. Elias sings “let’s start a revolution” and you kind of feel like it might actually happen, especially when the choir kicks in and confetti pours down in your mind. You should definitely mark him down as one to watch.