Zhala – Holy Bubbles


How do you follow up a song called Aerobic Lambada? Well, it’s very nearly an impossible task but naming your next song Holy Bubbles is as much as you could ask for. And it’s a really good song. Stretching our minds back we seem to remember maybe having some doubt about Robyn’s taste in the first signing to her Konichiwa Records label but that has been proven to be foolishness on our part as Zhala has got better with every release, and her debut, self-titled album, out May 25, is now a very exciting prospect. Holy Bubbles continues her one-lady exploration in cosmic pop with what we think could be pan pipes in the verses and her biggest chorus to date. We should have known someone Robyn deigns to take under her wing would never let us down.

Zhala – Aerobic Lambada


Zhala continues to prove that she’s a tiny bit crazy with the title of her new single, Aerobic Lambada. But a little bit crazy or not, we want some of what Zhala has, as she once again enters the world of a slightly meandering cosmic rave which has already become her calling card. She’s notable for being the first signing to Robyn’s record label and this is apparently Robyn’s favourite Zhala track to date – although she was signed a year ago and this is only her fifth, so there’s still plenty more to come. It’s premiering over at the ever-reliable Musikguiden i P3.

Updated: Now there’s a suitably trippy video, with Zhala and her pals hanging out around Stockholm. Watch it over at Dazed.